About Us


Sublime Alehouse is a culinary establishment intent on creating the ultimate customer experience.  From the moment you walk through the door, you will smell the waft of fresh bread coming from our in house bakery, see the central bar with 56 taps of craft beer and small lot wines, and hear the buzz of customers exalting over their heavenly food and beverage choices.  You can peek over to the other tables and see flowering bouquets of truffled fries, piping hot pizzas, and glorious mounds of mac ‘n cheese, as customers imbibe on Belgian Strong Ales, local IPA’s, and Napa Valley Cabs.

Every item that comes out of the kitchen will be fresh, and made with tremendous love.  We instill in our chefs to make every dish as if they were making it for their own mother.  Though, on the surface, the menu items may seem quite simple, when you dig a bit deeper, you see the tremendous intricacies and the extent we have gone to make each dish heavenly.

The burgers are butchered and ground in house, served on house made bread, and served with such items as our house cured bacon, local organic vegetables, and homemade aiolis.  The pizza is made in the Old World style, with an 18 hour poolish which contributes to the swirling flavor and perfectly light, yet crisp and dough texture.  The regular mac ‘n cheese has the perfect combination of sharp cheddar, buttery Monterey jack, and creamy béchamel sauce, topped with a perfectly crispy parmesan crust.


Only the very best craft beers will be served at our establishment, and these are intricately chosen.  We focus on the vast array of flavors this fine beverage has to offer, and we want to showcase what the individuals at each craft brewery have put their hearts into making.  We will be utilizing beer in many of our dishes, from braising meats with a Belgian Tripel, creating vinaigrettes out of a Saison, to reducing a Framboise for a sauce on a chocolate lava cake.  Our menu will be constantly changing, always introducing new flavors that can be paired with another element or flavor in beer.  We will present many beer flights, pair these with artisan cheese plates, artisan bread plates with spreads, or even 5 course meals.  Continue to check this site for new dishes, limited specially allocated beers, and frequent events.

We are dedicated to the local economy, utilizing local vegetables, choosing many items from local vendors, and you will always see at least 16 of our taps flowing with our fine local brews.  We are proud to be a part of the San Diego County community and want to show the world the flavors we have to present.

We would like to invite you all to join us here for some suds and delicious food.  Our welcoming and knowledgeable staff will be waiting with open arms to embrace you into the Sublime family.